A teacher ,A change agent

Besides your parents, sibling’s, every child ‘s role model has to be the teacher .I remember when I was in primary school .There was this male teacher (forgot his name)Anywhere his name is not important .This man was an inspiration .

He always spoke about his journey in life .He was so inspirational the 12 year old me wanted to be the female version of him. I knew I will make it university and I knew it was possible for a village girl like me.He also came from a village in Kgalagadi .This man taught us art .He taught me how to draw .Enough about him ..but the truth is I think he was my very first crush ..(hides!).

Forward to Junior school I met another art teacher .This one is not a male believe me!I know the stereotype that the art teachers are only males .She is the most beautiful woman from Kenya.This was the day that my love and appreciation for foreigners started. (This is why I am married to Masai man from Kenya).But this is not about my husband.This woman she taught me so much about the life of woman. I learned the importance of having your own career as a woman.

If you are a teacher try as much as you can to instill good values, confidence and positivity into all the children you meet.

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